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We talk and talk and talk … and very often we are frustrated by the feeling that our colleagues / clients / students / friends / partner / children / etc. aren’t listening or aren’t taking our verbal messages seriously. The source of the problem is often our body language.

It has been proven that over 82% of our communication is NONVERBAL.

Why should we waste our breath, that we could be using to express CONTENT on the communication PROCESS itself? Especially when nonverbal management techniques are so much more efficient?

In this seminar you will be presented with a bit of theory and a huge number of tips, tools and techniques which can be implemented immediately in your daily communication. Some of the techniques we will work with are:

  • An introduction to NLP as a communication model and the importance of nonverbal communication.
  • Recognizing the individual nonverbal communication styles you and others employ.
  • Establishing rapport and getting "on the same wavelength" to ensure better communication with individuals as well as with groups
  • Underlining your credibility when establishing contact with others. Learn techniques which will enhance your credibility and the amount of attention others give you.
  • Tips for dealing with difficult colleagues and clients.
  • How to pass on unpleasant information effectively and avoiding getting "in the line of fire".
  • Recognizing and using various voice patterns to reach your goals more effectively.
  • Stress-management techniques help save your energy and give you the strength and energy to concentrate on content rather than process.