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No matter if you are presenting to one person or to a thousand, it is essential that you put your ideas across with confidence and credibility. What is the source of charismatic presentation? Of positive natural authority?

Over 82% of our communication is nonverbal.
In this seminar you will learn the nonverbal presentation techniques which will enable you to give convincing and credible presentations. You will learn how to:

  • establish rapport and „get on the same wavelength“ as your audience
  • get and maintain the attention of your listeners
  • use your voice, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions to captivate your audience
  • deal with disturbances and surprise attacks during presentations.
  • overcome stage fright and present confidently

The result? You will experience that presenting can be a truly enjoyable experience for your audience and for you as well!

We offer these courses as in-house company seminars
and look forward to your inquiry!!

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