Guided Fantasy and Concentration
in the Classroom

At the airport.
You’re late. Your plane is departing in 2 minutes. Your suitcases are heavy. Will you catch your flight? It doesn’t look like it. While you’re running to the gate, I am running next to you and teaching you new English vocabulary words.

Can you imagine learning something like this? I doubt it!

Do it differently. Give your students the chance to relax. Encourage their creativity. Make your classroom a quiet and relaxing refuge where your students fantasy and learning take wing.

Use guided fantasy in your classroom: Close your eyes, enjoy an atmosphere of harmony, feel yourself being filled with strength and energy, increase your level of concentration – and, if you want, add the new material which your students need to learn.

Your students will thank you for it!

In this seminar you will:

Das Seminar bietet ein bisschen Theorie und eine Menge handfeste, praktische Werkzeuge.


This seminar can be taken individually or as one of the modules of the internationally recognized and certified programs “NLPaed Associate in Classroom Management” ( as well as the “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” ( and
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