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"I feel good!"
A power pack for teachers

The teaching profession can be creative and joyful!
At the same time there are many challenges which we confront us on a daily basis. Sometimes we have the strength to deal with it. But sometimes we feel overwhelmed.
If that happens often, we need to take steps to tank up on energy and avoid the burnout syndrome.

The good news:
Each of us has all of the resources and capabilities within us which we need to cope with the challenges of daily life. The key is having the correct resources at our fingertips at the very moment we need them. This is what we will learn to do in this seminar.

(Re-)Discover your resources and strengths and learn how to summon them at the moment you need them. Learn simple techniques which enable you to tank up on energy and avoid the burnout syndrome. Reload your batteries. Because when you feel good, your students will feel good too!


This seminar can be taken individually or as one of the modules of the internationally recognized and certified programs “NLPaed Associate in Classroom Management” (www.nlpaed.de) as well as the “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” (www.dgsl.de and www.ialearn.org
For more information, see LINK to training programs