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This seminar is a rich example of – as well as a theoretical and practical introduction to – Brain Friendly Learning and the Suggestopedia / Superlearning methodological approaches. At the same time, it is also a prerequisite for the internationally recognized Accelerated Learning Practitioner (Suggestopedia / Superlearning) training course.

Suggestopedia, in a nutshell, is learning new material in a relaxed state with classical or baroque music in the background. The information is passively stored in the brain -- at a rate of 3 to 5 times faster than with traditional learning. This passively stored material is then activated by means of creative, interactive and playful learning techniques.

The results? A higher and fast success rate among learners. Retention and recall of material as well as long-term memory increase. The creativity, learning and social competence as well as the students' sense of well-being is heightened and enhanced. Learning in a positive environment results in a high level of motivation – not only in the students but in teachers as well. And motivation - as every teacher knows - is the key  to success in the classroom.

This approach can be used effectively for any subject matter and with all age groups.

Topics which will be dealt with in the seminar are:

  • A practical introduction to the brain friendly learning methodology
  • The theory and history of Suggestopedia as the first brain friendly teaching and learning approach
  • An introduction to other related (w)holistic approaches such as Superlearning, NLP for teachers, Mindmapping, Brain Gym, guided fantasy, visualization, Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, etc.
  • A demonstration of a suggestopedic lesson – either learning a new language or a presentation in a school classroom
  • The suggestopedic learning cycle and production of suggestopedic materials
  • Discovering and activating your own personal resources as well as those of your students

Teachers who use Suggestopedia / Superlearning in their classrooms have motivated students coming to their classes. Students who have rediscovered the joy of learning. And …

… motivated students make motivated teachers !!!


This seminar can be taken individually or as one of the modules of the internationally recognized and certified program “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” (www.dgsl.de and www.ialearn.org
For more information, see LINK to training programs