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Say goodbye to anger!

Anger and stress are detrimental to your health and result in burnout. The antidote? Serenity. Calmness. Perspective and a healthy sense of humor. Learn techniques to gain distance, to observe problems from a new perspective and remain above the problem rather than becoming a part of it. Leave anger and scolding behind you – and consciously enjoy the wonderful profession you have chosen.

„The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me.
The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.”
Viktor E. Frankl

You can choose whether you become angry or not. You can also choose to learn how to deal with stress. You make the decisions. If you prefer, you can wallow in negative feelings – or you can take the situation into your own hands and choose your own attitude.

How can you do this? There are lots of possibilities: Change can begin in your mind but it can also begin on a physical level. Change your posture, change the feeling.  You can intensify other feelings which are incompatible with anger such as humor, gratitude and joy. And these are only a few of the many antidotes to anger or stress you will own after attending this seminar.

Our goals in this seminar: Learning antidotes to anger and stress so that we can achieve a harmonious balance in our lives and in our classrooms. We can enjoy our profession and have effective and almost magical tools to prevent the burnout syndrome from rearing its ugly head in our lives!


This seminar can be taken individually or as one of the modules of the internationally recognized and certified programs “NLPaed Associate in Classroom Management” (www.nlpaed.de) as well as the “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” (www.dgsl.de and www.ialearn.org
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