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Words can strike out and stab,
Words can destroy others,
Words can burrow and rummage,
Words can cool your rage,
Words can wound and violate,
Words can tear a soul to tatters.

At the same time …
Words can clarify,
Words can cause our hearts to burst into song,
Words can tie and reconcile,
Words can dry a surge of tears,
Words can give us strength,
A word can encourage,
A word can support.

Our words are powerful.
Let us learn to choose them carefully.

We will work on choosing the right words in the classroom, when talking to parents and colleagues – in all forms of communication.

By choosing the right words and employing various forms of questions, we can achieve clarity. So let’s not beat around the bush but get to the point!

In this seminar we will learn and practise:

  • giving and accepting feedback and recognition.
  • questioning and listening techniques such as active listening, the meta-model, etc. which help to clear up misunderstandings and establish transparency in our conversations.
  • taking a look at challenges and problems from a different perspective by using techniques such as reframing, metaphors, first person messages, etc. to discover solutions.

We will deal with a bit of theory and a great number of practical techniques which you can put into practise immediately.


These seminars can be taken individually or in random order. They also constitute a part of the internationally recognized and certified programs “NLPaed Associate in Classroom Management” (www.nlpaed.de) as well as the “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” (www.dgsl.de and www.ialearn.org)  For more information, see LINK to training programs