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“Yes, I can!”
Discover your Strengths

Each of us has all of the skills and resources for personality development and for solving life’s challenges within ourselves. By recognizing and activating this inner strength, we can recognize our energy source, enhance our relationship to ourselves and others and utilize these resources for goal oriented learning and personal development.

Discover your own inherent strengths and resources: Your personal learning style, your learning and life strategies. Which of your values and beliefs are beneficial? Which aren’t? How can you maximize and capitalize on your strengths. And how can you change beliefs which are hindering your personal development? Become the person you were meant to be.

Yes, you can!

Discover yourself! If you understand yourself, you will also understand others better. Use this knowledge to enrich your own life and the life of others.


This seminar can be taken individually or as one of the modules of the internationally recognized and certified programs “NLPaed Associate in Classroom Management” (www.nlpaed.de) as well as the “Accelerated Learning Practitioner” (www.nlpaed.de and www.ialearn.org
For more information, see LINK to training programs