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according to the NLPaed Guidelines
of the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Process in Education and Training e.V. www.nlpaed.de

All educators, who want to motivate and teach holistically. Teachers and students of all subjects, types of schools and age groups, lecturers and professors in tertiary education,  kindergarten teachers, directors of social and educational institutes, human resource managers and those responsible for training of personnel, trainers and facilitators in adult education.

is joyful teaching and learning and to provide teachers, learners and all others involved in the educational and training system an atmosphere of success, harmony and satisfaction in the classroom.

We offer educators a specially conceived communication and personality development / self-management program which will improve and enhance the learning atmosphere and success in educational institutes as well as help educators to avoid burnout.

This training program is in the form of a module system and consists of two parts:

The ASSOCIATE (NLPaed) in CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT is the basic training and the foundation upon which the PRACTITIONER (NLPaed) CERTIFICATE is based. In this training the basic premises, models and elements of NLP will be presented within the context of educators and teachers’ daily needs in the classroom. The training consists of 7 two day modules. There are 15 45-minutes units in a modul.

The ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATE is the pre-requisite for the PRACTITIONER (NLPaed) TRAINING. This training consists of four 3 to 4 day modules. Each module contains 24 45-minutes units. (LINK)


The internationally certified Basic Training, as it is offered in Vienna, consists of 7 modules as listed below. Each module contains fifteen 45-minute units. The modules can be taken individually and in any order. Participants are under no obligation to take all the modules and can complete the certified training at their own pace.

If your organization is interested in offering the Basic Training to your clients or employees, the scheduling and contents of the module system can naturally be rearranged and tailored to suit your institution’s needs.
The modules as offered for teachers and facilitators in Vienna are:

  • Nonverbal Classroom Management – Modules I, II, III and IV
  • The Right Word at the Right Moment
  • I feel good! A Power Pack for Teachers
  • Guided Fantasy and Concentration in the Classroom

In order to be certified the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • attendance during at least 90% of the modules listed above
  • the successful presentation of a format included in nonverbal classroom management
  • either a written report or a video film documenting your use of the classroom management techniques on a daily basis

The curriculum of this training as well as the NLPaed Practitioner are still in the planning stages. Changes are to be expected!.


Pearl Nitsche
Communication Trainer, Teacher- and Trainer Trainer,
Foreign Language Trainer, International Conference Speaker and Author.
English (mother tongue) and fluent German

Derrick Nitsche
Actor, Coach, Communication Trainer, Teacher- and Trainer Trainer,
Foreign Language Trainer,
German and English (mother tongues)