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An article by
Judith Hazdra & Pearl Nitsche


Scene of the Crime:

Three 6th and 7th grade classes, two of which are bilingual (English & German), in the Cooperative Middle School, Koppstraße 110, 1160 Wien.

Time of the Crime: Two lessons a week
Subject Matter: Physics and chemistry
The Accusation: Tempting young children to enjoy learning physics and chemistry
The Motive: The desire to instill a love of natural sciences in our students, to reduce learning barriers (and have fun at the same time!)
The Accused: 3 courageous teachers with a love for holistic, brain friendly learning
  • Judith HAZDRA (physics teacher)
  • Beatrix KOZAK (physics teacher) and
  • Pearl NITSCHE (Suggestopedia trainer and native speaker at the Cooperative Bilingual Middle School)
Judith Hazdra
Beatrix Kozak
Pearl Nitsche
The Course of Events:
It is the first day of physics for the children in the 6th grade. The books are new. The physics laboratory is new. The teachers are new. And, unbeknownst to the children, the teaching techniques with which they are going to learn physics are also new to them.
A CD player is standing on the desk.
Mrs. Kozak puts on a head lamp.
Mrs. Hazdra is wearing a white laboratory coat.
Classical music is playing in the background, as Mrs. Nitsche begins to read the story of Professor Duddly, a physics teacher, and his assistant, a robot named Flash.Classical music is playing softly in the background (This is an ACTIVE CONCERT). The children are fascinated.
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