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Pearls of Learning




“Pearls of Learning Institute” was founded in 1984 in Vienna, Austria by Pearl Nitsche. The institute, managed by her and her son, Derrick Nitsche, offers  brain friendly seminars as well as certified training programs for educators and trainers. The goal is joyful teaching and learning and to provide teachers and all others involved in education and training an atmosphere of success, harmony and satisfaction in the classroom. 

We offer educators a specially conceived communication and personality development / self-management program which will improve and enhance the learning atmosphere and success in educational institutes as well as help teachers avoid burnout.

Our areas of specialty are:

Nonverbal Classroom Management,
Brain Friendlly Learning Methodology 
Learning Coaching

We offer seminars in German and English throughout Austria, Europe and worldwide. We have given seminars in 25 countries worldwide – and we would love to come to you too!  We offer coaching, supervision as well as some courses online in English or in German.

We certify trainings with 
•    NLPaed (


•    DGSL ( 


We enjoy our work, are conscientious, professional and creative. We want to make a difference and we love our jobs.  


The motto we live by:

“Do what you love and love what you do.
And you will never work another day in your life!.“
Mark Twain


Derrick and Pearl Nitsche
licensed NLPaed Trainer
and certified 
Suggestopedia Trainer 


We offer 
Online Assistance:

Coaching, Supervision 
and Training 
for Educators

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Our Mission

Pearls of Learning



(Pearls of Learning)

Als Seminare bewährt und nun auch als Bücher erhältlich:

" Ich unterrichte was ich bin."

Dr. Georgi Lozanov

This training program is a rich example of –in theory and especially in practice - Brain Friendly Learning and Suggestopedia. It concludes with an internationally recognized certificate, “Suggestopedia Starter Certificate” from the DGSL (Deutsche Gesellschaft für suggestopädische Lehren und Lernen)


We offer these courses as live seminars in Vienna Or in English or German in the venue of your group’s choice. The training program can also be taken online either as a group course or one-on- one lessons  


Our online seminars are designed according to the principles of Suggestopedia – they are creative, interactive und effective!


What is Suggestopedia / Brain Friendly Learning?

In a nutshell, these methodologies consist of learning new material presented in creative manners, sometimes as a short drama in combination with music followed up with interactive activities to consolidate the newly learned facts. Often the material is presented in a relaxed state with classical or baroque music in the background. The information is passively stored in the brain – at a rate of 3 to 5 times faster than with traditional learning. This passively stored material is then activated by means of creative, interactive and playful learning techniques.


The method, Suggestopedia, was developed by a Bulgarian neurologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria in the 60’s.  

Florianigasse 55/25

1080 Wien


as well as in


Your Trainer Team

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Dr. Georgi Lozanov

Suggestopedia was the first brain friendly, wholistic teaching method. Its modern form which incorporates cutting edge neurological findings and learning theories is being used in numerous progressive classrooms around the world today.

The results?

Retention and recall of material increases. Our students’ creativity, learning and social competence as well as their sense of well-being is heightened and enhanced. Learning in a positive environment results in a high level of motivation – not only in the students but in teachers as well.  And motivation --as every teacher knows -- is the key to success in the classroom.


Who is it for?

It is for all educators who want to teach in a brain friendly and motivating way. This includes teachers and facilitators of all subjects and age groups, those responsible for school curriculum or company training programs and personnel development.


Topics dealt with in the training are:

  • An introduction to brain friendly learning methodology.

  • The theory and history of Suggestopedia as the first brain friendly teaching and learning approach.

  • An introduction to other related (w)holistic approaches such as Superlearning, NLP for teachers, Mindmapping, Brain Gym, guided fantasy, visualization, Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, etc.

  • A demonstration of a suggestopedic lesson -- either learning a new language or a presentation in a school classroom.

  • The suggestopedic learning cycle and production of suggestopedic materials and activities.

  • Discovering and activating your own personal resources as well as those of your students.

  • Development and presentation of a suggestopedic lesson for your own classroom.

Teachers who use Suggestopedia / Superlearning in their classrooms have motivated students coming to their classes. Students who have rediscovered the joy of learning. And, as we all know  …

… motivated students make motivated teachers !!!

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