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Pearls of Learning



Selected question and answers from feedback sheets collected at seminars sponsonred by the "Pädagogisches Institut Wien"
(The Viennese In-service Teacher Training Institute for public school teachers)

IMPULSE: The seminar concept was appropriate for the achievement of the seminar goals.

Very clear!; Difficult material became easy and understandable!; She brings the material across so that the participants can easily understand and retain it; Her professional competence and the many practical examples are very convincing; Conveyed a huge amount of specialized knowledge in an easily understandable way; Her wealth of day to day experience working in a school with real-life students is incorporated into the seminar; We worked really hard, easily fulfilled the seminar goals and had a lot of fun a the same time. It was easy!

IMPULSE: The scheduling of time and activities suited the group's rhythm as well as the seminar goals.

What a shame the seminar only lasted two days -- I would have liked to have more!; We worked intensively the whole day and the time flew; At the end of an 8 hour day, my concentration level was still high -- because it was so much fun, varied and lively.

IMPULSE: The seminar contributed to my own personal growth and development.

This seminar made the unconscious become conscious; I benefited professionally and on a private level as well; A convincing and very humane expert.

IMPULSE: The seminar provided me with lively impulses and new ideas for my work.

I will be able to use what I learned every single day in the classroom; Absolutely the BEST seminar I have ever attended and essential for every teacher!; An innumerable range of new possibilities!; This seminar was motivating and supports me in my professional conviction; I have been made aware of so many new opportunities which I never knew existed; The seminar was all about my daily reality. I felt good and I'm looking forward to trying out what I learned; Practical examples which can be used exactly as they are in the classroom!

IMPULSE: The atmosphere was productive and conducive to learning.

Wonderfully productive atmosphere!; The teamwork and sense of cooperation were excellent!; Work hard and gain energy - the ideal atmosphere for learning!; Very lively and at the same time relaxed.; I really enjoyed these 3 days!

IMPULSE: I will recommend this seminar to my colleagues.

Definitely!; This seminar is essential for EVERYONE who teaches!; This seminar should be compulsory for every teacher; We should have learned these things at teacher training college. They are a MUST !

IMPULSE: The facilitator was competent in her field?

Fantastic!; Many years of classroom experience; High level of competency; authentic - lives and breathes what she teaches; It is a great advantage that she teaches in a public school as well as having many years of experience working with adults; A woman who can motivate others; She knows what she's talking about.

IMPULSE: She utilized her methodological and didactic skills effectively.

Her skills kept me on the edge of my chair!

IMPULSE: She was involved in her work and at the same time sensitive to the needs of the group.

Great sensitivity and flexibility concerning the groups needs; I have never experienced a facilitator who was so enthusiastic and involved in what she was teaching; Her kind and humorous personality made learning fun; Her winning and relaxed attitude were energizing and created an optimal learning atmosphere; A wonderful sense of humor and very respectful in her treatment of others; She always picked us up where we were at the moment; Listens closely and respects the needs of individuals and the group.

IMPULSE: What were the facilitator's special strengths.

Authentic; cheerful nature; positive charisma; empathetic; motivated and motivating; expressive; She can really get her message across; Enriching!; Captivates a group's attention; Good storyteller; Very competent; Fascinating voice; Kind, open and humorous; Professionally: Very good, On a personal level: A jewel!

IMPULSE: In addition I would like to say …:

Thank you for the many, wonderful ideas!; This seminar was a true gift for me!; There's still so much to learn! I want more!; This seminar should be included at teacher training college. It would make teachers' lives a lot easier!; I'm glad I attended this seminar.; This should be basic knowledge for every teacher; An excellent seminar. Every minute of the time I spent here was valuable.; Many, many thanks to the Pedagogical Institute for the opportunity to attend this wonderful seminar!

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